Thank You *Muchas Gracias * Terima Kasih Banyak

Thank You * Muchas Gracias * Terima Kasih Banyak
We are grateful for you and all who have supported us over the years. Thanks to you, we’ve now reached 8 Million+ people who are building resilience and stronger communities from the ground up. At a time when social media organizations are sowing division and divisiveness, we are proud to maintain a platform that brings people together.

Here’s just one instance where AtmaGo is making a difference. During this difficult time, a silver lining in the U.S. and around the world is more visibility about the importance of mental health. In Indonesia we are proud to offer free telecounseling (Curhat Corona) with trained counselors via the AtmaGo app. The impact has been immense.

Here’s one of the positive comments we have received:

“I am thankful for the free counseling because I was feeling very stressed, but I had no one to talk to. I have difficulty trusting people, and I did not have a budget to consult a psychologist about my issues. I was so grateful to be part of this program, and after the counseling session I became less anxious and gained more understanding of my own problems and how to better deal with them and find solutions. Thank you, AtmaGo!”

— Anonymous, Makassar, South Sulawesi

Word is spreading about the power of AtmaGo and “neighbors helping neighbors” –that’s “warga bantu warga” in Indonesia and “vecinos ayudando vecinos” in Puerto Rico. Read on for a quick update, and thank you again for being part of our extended community. We couldn’t do it without you.

Newest Ashoka Fellow: Atma CEO Meena Palaniappan

Meena Palaniappan, our founder and CEO, was named a Fellow by Ashoka, the world’s largest network of changemakers and social innovators. As Bob Spoer, Chief Entrepreneur for People / Search at Ashoka, says, “Meena Palaniappan is a terrific addition to Ashoka’s global network as she exemplifies the concept of ‘Everyone a Changemaker,’ a much needed paradigm for our rapidly changing world.” We are so proud. Congrats, Meena!

Read all about it, and please spread the news.

5 Questions with Atma’s Tech Guy Ardy Satria

Our entire team inspires. If you haven’t yet met Ardy Satria, you’re in for a treat. Enjoy 5 questions with our head of technology, the latest in our blog series celebrating Atma’s 5-year anniversary.

You’ll learn about the movement Ardy started in his spare time, which is using one of the newest features on our AtmaGo mobile app, the Community Room, to supercharge the power of community leaders and unlock more grassroots potential. Ardy is second from the right in the photo with fellow members of his action team, Pelukan Rakyat (People’s Hug), cooking, packaging and delivering food to people who need it.

Here’s to Mother Nature and Reducing Disaster Risk

Speaking of helping people, did you know that we have been powering the vital work of people in the DRR and climate adaptation fields? DRR = Disaster Risk Reduction. Learn about, the website we built for The Nature Conservancy, to reach DRR practitioners in Indonesia, Micronesia and the Caribbean with nature-based solutions, and discover the Blue Guide to Coastal Resilience.

In the News

Meena, Atma’s Puerto Rico Program Manager Erika Marrero and our strategic advisor Karen Robbins joined Andrea McGimsey of Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions and host Nicolette DeVidar on the Smart Sustainability TV show to talk about, “When Disaster Strikes: Climate Action & the New World of Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” Watch now.

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