The Online Network Neighbors Use To Help Each Other

The neighborhood-based communications network serving the common good that runs on mobile, web and Android devices.

AtmaGo has reached 10 million in Indonesia, Puerto Rico and Ukraine. Neighbors are using AtmaGo to help each other with information, warnings, and offers of help.

How AtmaGo Works

Neighbors Helping Neighbors​

Neighbors have turned to AtmaGo to help each other through life’s critical turns. With its topic dashboards and threaded posts, people have successfully addressed civic issues, COVID 19 info, disaster response, found employment, and help for people displaced by war. AtmaGo is their go-to network for making connections and change.

Citizen News

Neighbors' posts keep each other up-to-date on the latest local news

Report Problems

Neighbors address local concerns, be it on hazards, public facilities, or disaster

Share Events

Discover and join local events and community happenings

Find Jobs

Find local jobs or employees, especially key to the informal local job market

An Award-Winning Platform

Primary Functionalities​


Easily Share and Gather Information​

  • Local news and conditions, based on locations and topic of interest

  • Critical information, problems on infrastructure, or impact from disasters

  • Jobs in communities for local economic empowerment and entrepreneurship

  • Events in communities such as neighborhood cleanups or risk reduction events to build local social cohesion

Get Emergency Alerts on Disasters​

These locations based warnings are from local agencies and community members.

Such as flooding, earthquake, broken infrastructure, hazards or public facilities issues.


Know What is Happening ​

We help users to find information which is relevant to them.

Gather information in the neighborhood, within your topic of interest, or in communities that you join on your personal feed.


AtmaGo’s Impact

Designed to enable neighbors to seek and offer mutual aid, AtmaGo has been used to save lives and property in the face of numerous disasters. It grew organically to serve other uses as people found a local network dedicated to building social ties and community betterment. People trust AtmaGo, making it a preferred platform for local discussion and action over Facebook or others. Now Government and NGOs also use AtmaGo to connect with the community.

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AtmaGo users have shared more than 667,000 peer-to-peer exchanges on issues of water, food, jobs, education, shelter, flooding, crime, and fires.

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