Empower Women and Youth

We engage women and youth to be changemakers in their communities by helping them share their voice, implement solutions, and find inspiration and best practices.

Our Impact

On Women and Youth Empowerment
56.8 %
Users in AtmaGo are female
43.4 %
Users in AtmaGo are youth between the age of 18-24
2504559 +
Views of discussions on women rights, youth empowerment and gender equality issues
1182 +
People trained on the topic of women and children protection, women empowerment, empowering young writers, and women in agriculture

I reported the problem of garbage in my community on AtmaGo, and local government took action. This increased my status in the community. AtmaGo + Me = Amazing!

Sumiyati, Jakarta

Our Approach

Atma focuses outreach to women and youth for a number of reasons. Women are especially vulnerable to poverty as they generally have more restricted access to financial and productive assets than men. And, women and children are 14 times more likely to die in a disaster than men. Atma contributes to the standing of women and youth by giving them a channel, through AtmaGo, to express their needs, find and support each other, and demonstrate how they take action to better their communities.

How we solve this issue
We offer a best in class strategy to engage women and youth in becoming changemakers in their communities.
We conduct deep and extensive human centered design interviews and focus groups with women and youth to develop effective strategies to engage them in local solutions.
We empower women and youth through trainings and tools that unlock their agency and journey as changemakers.

Atma Tools for Women and Youth

Our trainings, events , and technology tools:
  • Empower women and youth through digital literacy and citizen journalism trainings. These not only teach valuable life skills but also increase confidence and lift voices through posts on AtmaGo and during community events.
  • Provide a forum for women and youth to address local issues and raise concerns to local leaders.
  • Support women in their pro-climate initiatives such as growing vegetables, planting mangrove trees, and using neighborhood trash to create and sell crafts.

Community Space

Platform for Communities to Grow

Our Community Impact Platform allows womens empowerment and youth organizations to organize social change efforts. It enables them to document, share, and grow their impact; reach and engage supporters; and create an online resume of their social impact to attract attention and resources from Companies, Governments, Philanthropists, and individuals.

The Community Impact Platform enables the creation of quantifiable goals, and verify and validate this impact online. Over 160 communities have been created on AtmaGo to generate change, from improving maternal health services to educating youth.

ESG Builder

Impact Maker for Corporates and Organizations
The ESG Builder is an impact hub which enables Companies and Governments to directly engage with last mile changemakers to acheive their SDG goals.
The ESG builder brings together changemaking organizations, enables them quantify and validate their impact, share their stories and photos of impact, and have this impact be aggregated into Custom Dasbhoards that provide real-time, validated, aggregated impact at scale to share with and inspire ESG stakeholders.


Local Platform and Network
AtmaGo is an award-winning platform for people helping people on mobile web and Android that enables locally organized peer-to-peer communication. AtmaGo provides personalized feeds based on a user’s location and topic interests.
People receive government early warnings and peer-to-peer hazard alerts on AtmaGo, and an independent evaluation found that people took early action as a result of these warnings, leading to estimated savings of $100M in economic losses and 6,000 years of healthy life per year per million people. AtmaGo has reached over 9M+ people with actionable, life-saving and social impact content.

Our Previous Projects on
Women and Youth Empowerment

Examples of previous projects

Women Empowerment

Qualcomm Wireless Reach

Qualcomm worked to empower women through the AtmaGo mobile app. An independent evaluation by CIPG showed that AtmaGo increased social cohesion, and reduced mortality, morbidity and economic loss from disaster. AtmaGo connects Indonesians, especially women, to economic opportunity through jobs, education, and entrepreneurship events and posts.
Women Empowerment

Vodafone Americas Foundation

Building a women helping women platform to lift up community leaders in Puerto Rico so they can learn from and inspire one another, document and share their impact through an online platform, and gather supporters and resources to expand their work. We also created a Voices of the Community Program to share the successes of women leaders across Puerto Rico.

What they say about Atma's work in
Women and Youth Empowerment

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