Build Disaster Resilience

We use technology tools to deliver early warnings, develop mutual aid, and create more resilient communities from the bottom up.

Our Impact

On Disaster Response and Recovery
5314169 +
Views of information on disaster response and recovery
10722 +
Local posts shared by residents on Covid-19, disaster response, and resilience
5500 +
Users on AtmaGo’s Covid-19 microsite which was built to respond to Covid-19
65 +
Community Organizations have created Community Spaces on AtmaGo on disaster and resilience
400 +
Flood alerts served via AtmaGo
450 +
Earthquake alerts served via AtmaGo
98 %
Say Atma tools fulfil the needs for information on handling stress post pandemic

After the disaster in Palu, I found water from a post on AtmaGo

Imelda, Central Sulawesi

Impact Evaluation

Can Mobile Phones Improve Disaster Preparedness? was independently conducted by the Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG) in Indonesia and released in October 2018 at the Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) conference by Atma Connect. The AtmaGo App is the social networking tool that was evaluated in the study.

Read the executive summary of CIPG Impact Evaluation 2018: Can Mobile Phones Improve Disaster Preparedness? here

Our Approach

Atma Connect is the leader in fostering mutual aid in disaster response and recovery. With over 10 million users in Indonesia, Puerto Rico and Ukraine, AtmaGo, our neighborhood-based, peer-to-peer communications system, is a gamechanger. Citizens upload messages about local conditions and critical information that informs, warns and activates formal and informal help. Whether in response or recovery, AtmaGo enables reciprocity and is the trusted and proven tool to activate and coordinate informal actors.

How we solve this issue

We activate mutual aid through vetted peer to peer communication.

We deliver government early warnings.
We create peer to peer hazard alerts in local areas.
We deploy end-to-end resilience solutions that help people move from response to recovery to rebuilding that improves social and economic resilience.

Trainings on Disaster Response And Recovery

Citizen Journalism Training for Disaster Response and Recovery

Citizen Journalism Training for Disaster Mitigation

Mental Health Self-Care for Health Workers in Brebes

River Management Training

How to Build Resilience After The Pandemic

Rebuilding Entrepreneurship After Crisis

Atma Tools for Disaster Response and

Officials use AtmaGo and Community Space to push out notifications to communities and learn about emerging conditions on the ground. They can also be used to share information and coordinate with NGOs and others operating in the field. The systems can also provide real-time and post-incident data analysis.

Atma tools are very simple to use, deploy rapidly, are optimized for low-bandwidth environments, and are low-cost and well supported. Non-official information is vetted prior to posting, making it far more trustworthy than other public networks, such as Facebook.


Local Platform and Network

AtmaGo is an award-winning platform for people helping people. It enables neighborhood-based peer-to-peer communication and runs on mobile web and Android. AtmaGo provides personalized feeds based on a user’s location and topic interests.

People receive government early warnings and peer-to-peer hazard alerts on AtmaGo, and an independent evaluation found that people took early action as a result of these warnings, leading to estimated savings of $100M in economic losses and 6,000 years of healthy life per year per million people. AtmaGo has reached over 9M+ people with actionable, life-saving and social impact content.

Community Space

Platform for Communities to Grow

Our Community Impact Platform allows organizations that work on disaster preparedness and response to help residents organize events to mitigate, respond to, and recover from disaster. It helps disaster organizations and community networks coordinate their work, reach new members, and increase participation. 

The Community Impact Platform helps organizations track the impact they are having to improve disaster response and recovery through collection of photos, stories and quantifiable goals. Over 160 communities have been created on AtmaGo to generate change, from organizing preparedness events to rebuilding after disaster.

Complaint Handling Mechanism

Tracker System for Services and Needs

We created an innovative Complaint Handling System, in use among public agencies in Indonesia, that allows citizens to easily report complaints and aspirations regarding public services, and includes a custom dashboard for the responding government agency to manage and resolve complaints.

The entire end-to-end technology infrastructure is lightweight and user-friendly, so citizens can easily, through a few clicks, report a problem, and so staff within the Government agency can easily track incoming complaints, assign responsible staff, and resolve and respond to the issue.

Our Previous Projects on
Disaster Response and Recovery

Examples of previous projects

Disaster Preparedness and Relief – Indonesia and Global

Cisco Foundation

Indonesia and Global

Cisco Foundation was the flagship funder who helped Atma to develop and launch the AtmaGo app to improve the resilience of low-income communities in Indonesia and globally so that they can prevent, respond to and recover from disasters and chronic threats. Through our work together, we reached millions of people with critical information on food, water, shelter, and disaster, and expanded AtmaGo to Puerto Rico to address disaster and community resilience needs.
Award – Accelerating Innovation in International Development

IDEO and DFID Amplify


As an awardee in DFID’s Amplify program (supported by Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, SIDA, and Global Resilience Partnership) we upgraded our AtmaGo platform to increase the value for urban communities to build resilience to extreme weather, drought, and price shocks. The AtmaGo app helps low-income communities in Indonesia connect to resources and to each other—improving access to basic needs, addressing chronic vulnerabilities, and warning each other when disaster strikes. AtmaGo is a location-based social network, a localized opportunity for people to connect to around everything from day-to-day challenges to major disasters.
Disaster Communication



With the support of, In 2019 and 2020, we made significant progress towards our goal to reduce mortality and morbidity in disasters and empower people to prevent the next disaster. We achieved this by expanding the reach and impact of disaster communication for vulnerable communities and by supporting greater numbers of people in crisis and reducing response times. Through thir project, Atma reached an additional 2,030,482 people with disaster, crisis, and community information. In addition, we directly reached over 1,000 people through disaster prevention and resilience events.

What they say about Atma's work in
Disaster Response and Recovery

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