Internet Resiliency in Disaster Response

At Atma Connect, disaster resilience is core to our mission. The team is underway on a project to help several communities prone to natural disasters become disaster resilient — and to develop a replicable model for communities around the world. Having been called the “Facebook for Disasters”, Atma Connect is continually expanding our efforts to support users at every stage in disaster response, and this project is a key piece of our goal to assist communities in creating greater resilience in the face of rising disaster events.

Here’s a brief update.

Project: Implement community-led, sustainable technology solutions in Sukabumi, Indonesia.

Funded by: Internet Society Foundation Resiliency Grant Program

Objective: Develop a replicable model of community-led, sustainable Internet connectivity that enhances resiliency in communities facing natural disaster-related issues.

The objectives of the project include:

  1. Engage local stakeholders to create a robust, sustainable resilient internet plan
  2. Recruit community-based volunteers to execute the entire program, partnering with Indonesian Red Cross, Local Government Disaster Management Agencies, and Village Governments.
  3. Deploy resilient internet infrastructures in designated areas, involving the development and participatory refinement of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  4. Conduct simulations that showcase the practical use of resilient internet infrastructure for both communities and volunteers.
  5. Strengthen the capacity of the community to effectively utilize the internet for enhancing disaster resilience.
  6. Establish a commitment from local governments to support sustainable and resilient internet infrastructure, encompassing budget allocation and maintenance initiatives.


Some of the challenges: The current internet connectivity in the area is unstable, making communication difficult, especially during disasters. Meanwhile, the biggest challenges in disasters involve evacuation, community response, and the need for stable communication channels.

Atma’s guiding principles: Atma starts with four guiding principles for building resilient communities and robust disaster management strategies. These include: unite people, put people first, provide transparency, and build trust. For more, see the Atma blog post, Technology’s Role in Disaster Management and Risk Governance.

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