Behavior Change through
Covid and Health Services

Our platforms and engagement strategies enable behavior change at scale, spread critical information, and improve health services.

Atma is a specialist in large scale campaigns that use trusted peer to peer communication to change behavior and improve health.

Meeting Critical Covid and Health Needs

Improving Health and Health Services

During the Covid-19 crisis, Atma created Covid-19 microsites that provided critical information during many stages in the crisis, including where to get ambulances and oxygen, free telecounseling for women and youth, along with peer-to-peer behavior change communication to address vaccine hesitancy and misinformation.


Covid and Health Service Features


Platform-based mental health counseling

Free telecounseling for women and youth during Covid crisis, we saw a 3.5 point reduction in subjective unit of disturbance score from pre to post-counseling sessions.


Covid-19 platform for trusted information and access to critical resources

We reached over 3.5 million views of critical information to slow the spread of Covid-19. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, over 4,000 community-generated vetted articles on COVID-19 were posted. We also integrated a database to share bed, oxygen, and ambulance availability during critical stages of the pandemic. 


Peer-based psychosocial support​

Trusted neighbor to neighbor support. People helped one another through the crisis with survivor stories, vaccination stories, and stories from the ground. 85% of people reported that they changed their behavior to slow the spread of COVID-19 based on information from AtmaGo.


Complaint Handling Mechanism and Tool for Health Centers

We created an innovative Complaint Handling System, currently in use among public agencies in Indonesia, that allows citizens to easily report complaints and aspirations regarding public services, and includes a custom dashboard for the responding government agency to manage and resolve complaints.


The Impact of Atma's Covid and Health Services

Pieces of information on Covid-19 shared by citizens during the pandemic to improve community health
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Say AtmaGo help to share and report information in the village, enabling communications between the village office, officers, and community
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Views of localized information on healthcare and public services which are shared by citizens
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Say Atma Complaint Handling System helped citizen complaints for public services become visible and led to improvements
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Officials said they modified services to respond to feedback on health services from patients
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