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Get to know the tools Atma Connect uses to create verified impact and community engagement.

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We are experts in building “tech for good” solutions that connect people so they can share vital information and create bottom-up change. Last-mile grassroots communities and changemakers are our focus, and building trusted relationships is our forte. We marry tech and community development. In the hands of people, our tools have been used for post-disaster community resilience, Covid-19 information dissemination, digital literacy and misinformation training, civic engagement, and coordinating environmental projects.

Peer to peer communication among locals and with agencies

We activate mutual aid through vetted peer to peer communication

End-to-end solutions for community resilience

We enable people to move from response, to recovery, to rebuilding for social and economic resilience

Setting priorities and monitoring progress as a community

We enable residents to actively participate and engage in project implementation

Our Tools Empower People

Say Atma’s tech platforms
motivate them to take part
in community activities
91 %
Say Atma’s trainings
are relevant and help them improve their community
99 %
Say Atma’s holistic
solutions enable positive
behaviour change
99 %

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Atma Connect’s tools that enable communities to make measurable changes

We are leaders in using Platforms and Tools for impact.
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Our Clients and Partners are Governments, Companies, Communities, Nonprofit
Organizations, Changemakers, and Individuals

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