Community Impact Platform
Connect Organizations and People, Track and Verify Impact

Our Community Space is where groups meet, connect with members, gain visibility, and get tools to support and amplify their work.

Tools for Localization: Features to connect with community members, coordinate, publicize events, showcase verified impact, and share best practices.

How Community Space Works

Supercharging Community Impact

Our Community Impact Platform serves both large humanitarian organizations and local organizations.  For international and national level organizations, the platform is a way to build trust, collective intelligence, and coordinate operations with local organizations and community leaders. 

We foster solidarity networks that are connected through communication technologies.  For local organizations, the Platform allows them online visibility within the local community, and it also offers a pathway for them to become known to and partner with others who seek localization of efforts, whether for disaster response, capacity building, or other objectives.

The Community Impact Platform is a flexible infrastructure that serves a number of purposes around communications, data collection and analysis, coordination, community engagement, and alerting.

Reveal Community Impact

Helps local organizations show their mission & impact, to locals and humanitarian organizations

Share Community Events

Invite members to events to accomplish social impact goals

Engage More People

Expands the reach and visibility of community organizations

Find CSR and ESG Projects to Join

Partner with companies to acheive shared social impact goals

Community Space Platform

Primary Functionalities​


Increase Presence and Connect with Others

  • Local organizations to show what they are about

  • Invite others to discover, join, or partner with your community

  • Build affinity networks

  • Create shared solutions through online networking & coordination

Enable Localization In Multiple Ways

Our flexible infrastructure can be rapidly configured to support specific localization programs. 

The infrastructure can serve as a   communications network, information and data hub, operations center, as well as a collection point for impact data and stories.


Organize Volunteers and Capture Impact

  • Reach out to local volunteers who are ready to support your mission and projects.

  • Use online tools  to track your organization’s work and impact. Show constituents and stakeholders examples of the difference you are making with tools that enable you to portray quantifiable metrics  and impactful stories.

Community Space Areas of Impact

The Impact Our Communities Are Having

Civic Participation
Public Service
Women and Children
Socio Cultural
Innovation & Technology
Socio Economics


AtmaGo and Community Space

AtmaGo and Community Space are designed to enable neighbors to seek and offer mutual aid. These tools have been used to save lives and property in the face of numerous disasters. It grew organically to serve other uses as people found a local network dedicated to building social ties and community betterment. People trust our platform, making it a preferred platform for local discussion and action over Facebook or others. Now Government and NGOs also use AtmaGo and Community Space to connect with the community.

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Users have shared more than 667,000 peer-to-peer exchanges on issues of water, food, jobs, education, shelter, flooding, crime, and fires.

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