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Purpose-driven online networks, and interactive web solutions for social good. Tailored to your impact needs.

Atma innovates interactive web solutions for clients to support their impact programs. The Atma tech team is expert at translating broad impact goals into actionable digital hubs.​

How Atma Hubs and Ecosystems Work

Creating Digital Ecosystems that Activate Changes​

Atma creates diverse web-based solutions. As a praticioner of human centered design and agile software development, Atma is adept at understanding our client’s needs. We have produced innovative tech solutions for governments, organizations, and companies, including the Nature Conservancy and Government Disaster Management Agencies.


Hubs and Ecosystems for Social Change


Climate Change Commitment Platform​

On behalf of Our Planet Our Future, Atma conceptualized an interactive platform for tracking carbon reducing behaviors by members of the faith community. The platform also aggregates the impact of the behaviors.


Pay for Results with Tokenomics​

We have worked with partners to create systems for validated impact from local changemakers, with the ability to connect with pay for results frameworks.


Complaint Handling Mechanism and Tracker Tool​

Atma created a Complaint Handling System for public services, that allows service providers to easily track and resolve complaints. Residents can, through a few clicks, report issues and aspirations. The system has been effective at improving public services in Indonesia.


Knowledge Sharing Hub​

For The Nature Conservancy, we created a knowledge sharing platform on nature-based disaster risk reduction solutions for 3 global regions. This hub released trapped knowledge so that implementation partners could easily find the resources they needed to implement solutions.


Impact Validation and Analytics​

We created a system for community organizations to report the quantified results of their actions. This validated impact is aggregated into dashboards so that impact at scale can be seen and supported.

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