Making History & Seeking Input on New Endeavors

Hello Friend of Atma Connect,

Some call the month of March Women’s History Month. We believe in making history every day, every month! Here’s to international women.

Greetings from our team, including Meena, Silvia, Aisyah, Dian, Eka, Erika and all of us who are working to transform communities and empower neighbors to help neighbors. Please read on for updates and to see our requests for your assistance in connecting us to partners and companies.

Farmers Helping Farmers

While Atma Connect originally launched as a mobile app for people to share information and build resilience in disaster-prone areas, we are very proud that our impact is far greater now. Atma and our Indonesian counterpart, Sakawarga, are enabling many more people to collaborate, including coffee farmers coping with climate change.

We partnered with the Penabulu Foundation, supported by the Ford Foundation, to create Penatani.ID, a new website for Indonesia farmers to share hard-won information with one another on how to grow crops more sustainably and build sustainable livelihoods for their families. Sip a cup of your favorite Sumatran coffee orJava, and read on our blog about the innovative ways farmers are coping with challenges, including fending off rats.

Seeking Your Help

AtmaGo for the People of Ukraine

Our hearts go out at the news of the conflict in Ukraine. We’ve been contacted by partners to rapidly explore making the AtmaGo mobile app available for refugees and locals, so people in proximity can help one another find needed resources and share solutions.

If you are interested or have connections, please let us know. Send an email to

Connecting Companies to Impact Makers

We’re excited to offer companies a new product and service for companies to work with impact makers. We call it Atma Bridge.

Companies will be able to engage their employees and track the actual impact of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, whether it’s planting trees or teaching children to read. These days investors seek to know more about companies’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) work, and Atma Bridge will aid in those efforts as well. Atma Bridge creates a direct link between impact makers on the ground and their verified, quantified results, and the companies who are ready to partner to expand this bottom up impact – along with innovative ways to visualize and track the impact in real-time dashboards.

Would you like to know more? Email us at

Milestone: 105+ Communities & Growing

Our new Community Impact feature has attracted the interest of more than 105 communities in Indonesia and Puerto Rico. See our blog post on the launch. Stay tuned for more accomplishments in many areas including civic participation; the environment; public service; women and children; health; innovation and technology; and more. There is incredible potential in empowering communities, particularly underestimated communities.

Meet the Community of the Month

Here’s a brief look at one of the communities: The members of Rumah Pelangi Bekasi just outside of Jakarta, Indonesia, are focused on education and civic participation. They are committed to providing access in their neighborhoods to books and reducing social and educational inequalities. And that’s not all! Rumah Pelangi encompasses a public library, reading garden, community center, learning center and creative learning center.

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