Can Mobile Phones Improve Disaster Preparedness?

A study independently conducted by the Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG) in Indonesia and released in October 2018 at the Social Capital Markets (SOCAP). The AtmaGo App is the social networking tool that was evaluated in the study.

A growing body of research details how Information Communication Technology (ICT), social media, and mobile apps can all be important tools in reducing damage as well as decreasing morbidity and mortality from floods and other disasters

79% of users found AtmaGo very helpful in connecting them with the community

Improvement of social cohesion

Prevents $106 million in property damage and $4.5 million in healthcare costs

Alleviation of damages

Reduce property damage by $324 and healthcare cost by $14 per year

Economic impact per household for residents of the Jakarta region

Findings on the CIPG Study

AtmaGo Helps to Save Lives and Damages

Emergency alerts and related DRR information can help users take effective preventive actions, 79% of users found AtmaGo very helpful in connecting them with the community, which has been linked to an improved community response to disasters.

The CIPG evaluation found 30% of AtmaGo users took action from a warning on AtmaGo, compared to 18% for a warning on Facebook. The study found that AtmaGo users took preventative action as a result of a warning from AtmaGo: they evacuated, warned others, and moved valuables.

On the economic side, AtmaGo emergency alerts can reduce property damage caused by floods and other disasters by $324 per household per year for residents of the Jakarta region, assuming that effective action can reduce damages by about 50%.

At just 10% of the Jakarta population, every year, AtmaGo could prevent $106 Million in property damage, $4.5 million in healthcare costs, and could add over 6,000 years of healthy life


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