Update on Ukraine and Mutual Support

We launched AtmaGo in Ukraine in the late Spring, and we want to share the ways it is being used by internally displaced people.

Through the outreach efforts of our Ukrainian ground team, we are introducing AtmaGo to humanitarian organizations in Ukraine, who are experiencing the value of AtmaGo as a tool for touching community members with information about important services. For example, AtmaGo is now included in an online catalog of aid providers, which was announced to 30,000 recipients.

Here you can see how psychologist Kravchenko Darya created a presence on AtmaGo to offer ongoing psychosocial support to her community at no cost. She wrote in the AtmaGo chat that she was ready to work for free because “it is an incredible feeling of warmth inside when you feel that you can do something good for others, that you can be a part of something important.”
On AtmaGo, posts have provided important content, such as the introduction of the SOTA (Special One Time Assistance) fund, how internally displaced people can obtain support, where to access free courses to retrain and find a job during wartime, how to learn a foreign language for free, and where to find available housing. More people are joining AtmaGo everyday.

With our strong sense of mission, we have been able to create a dynamic young team in Ukraine. Two young women, just 20 years old, are leading social media outreach for AtmaGo.
With their leadership, we are building a following with thousands of new users, who are viewing and retweeting posts.







Nastya and Anna have recruited volunteers, also young women, who are working with Atma to introduce AtmaGo to vulnerable people, especially in Vinnitsa, a city where many internally displaced people temporarily landed.

Our Ukraine team is filled with talent and heart.

Lilia Mykolaivna, 31 years old, felt under constant stress while she was a refugee with her young son. She wanted to help other refugees. She says AtmaGo simplifies their lives and helps them save energy searching for valuable information.

Anna, 34 years old, saw an opportunity to apply her information management skills to help displaced people.

Nastya and Anna helped us to create user policies that reflect the Ukrainian government’s rules about the kind of information and images that can, and cannot, be posted during the conflict.

We look forward to sharing more updates in the weeks to come.

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