Love, Atma


Many places around the world celebrate “love” on Valentine’s Day. At Atma Connect, we aim to celebrate love year-round!

Even (or maybe especially) in tough times, it’s important to prioritize our faith in one another.

As many of you know, our organization’s roots are in disaster resilience and today we offer much more – a focus on jobs, resilience, health information, trusted neighborhood news, and, of course, community.

A few thoughts on love from our team members who are also active community members on AtmaGo and in their neighborhoods in Indonesia, Puerto Rico and Ukraine:

  • “We help people in the field have their own voices – I haven’t seen this anywhere else. We focus on communities and people first.”
  • “We love that people see AtmaGo as their own.”
  • “I love that Atma is a community-based technology platform. We went from nothing to something beautiful. We are one part of the solution for communities.”
  • “People can share their impact story, helping communities connect and get information they need – without hoaxes.”
  • “Users can put a face behind AtmaGo, we are not robots; we are human.”
  • “We are a dynamic community creating a dynamic platform to help people create impact in their community.”

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Eggscellent Work

We’re all about community impact and measuring community impact in innovative ways.

Ask us about the ESG / CSR work we helped enable recently. (That’s Environmental / Social / Governmental principles, also known as Corporate Social Responsibility.) One of our most active communities is Eska or, more formally, Yayasan Eska Unggul Indonesia, which promotes maternal and newborn health and wellbeing.

Our teams and tools enabled Eska to partner with a group known as Pusat Kebijakan Kesehatan (Center for Health Policy) to distribute eggs (17,700!), mainly to pregnant women. Here’s to doing well by doing good. And love!


Meena Palaniappan
Atma Connect CEO

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