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As an Atma friend, whether you’re new or have been partners with us since the beginning, you know about our award-winning AtmaGo app, connecting neighbors with resources and ideas.

Did you know? We also have an excellent reputation for creating and hosting extraordinary events! In case you haven’t heard of the delicious work we’ve been doing in Puerto Rico, enjoy this update.

We’ve just concluded a groundbreaking project known as De La Tierra a Tu Mesa: From the Earth to Your Table. Working with community partners we helped raise awareness of the fundamental need for healthy, delicious, and local food and a deep connection to land and culture. While Puerto Rico is home to fertile lands, approximately 80% or more of the food is imported, and is usually lower cost than locally grown food.

 Our aims were to educate people on the health benefits of eating fresh food, create a movement about food security on the island, and lift up farming as one of the most critical occupations in the world. We were honored to serve delicious food and to spark conversations around food sovereignty – it’s a concept beyond food security or access to healthy food – it’s about food as a human right or beyond any one politician. Read on for more!

HIGHLIGHTS FROM DE LA TIERRA a TU MESA We collaborated with a talented chef — Jerome Giuliano Zayas — who oversaw menu creation, the purchasing of local food, and hundreds of dinners.

We served more than 450 plates of food to people. In addition to meals, Chef Zayas oversaw the creation of delicious herbal infusions – more than 750!

We served people at four locations, each with its own personality and character. These events included a health fair in February and, in April, the commemoration of the 1797 British Siege of Old San Juan, a living history event hosted by the Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico.

We collaborated with incredible community partners; in addition to the Regimiento,  Fondita de la Jesus, Finca Escuela de la Perla, the Asociacion Enlace Assuntos Comunitarios de Sabana Seca, Naguabo Somos Todos, Asociacion Comunitaria de Llanos Tuna, Academia Menay,  the Museo de San Juan, and Warrior News.

Thank you to all our generous donors for your support for our work in Puerto Rico.

Not least, we are grateful for our incredible team member on the ground in Puerto Rico, Erika Marrero. Muchas gracias, Erika. We could not have done this work without you.

As you enjoy your next meal, wherever you are on this globe, raise a glass to ingenuity, resilience, and the power of community!


In Indonesia, Atma was glad to participate in the OMS Madani Festival held in six locations in July. The event engages civil society organizations in growing their community engagement, and we were glad to participate in talk shows, seminars, health checkups, and exhibitions of small and medium-sized businesses.


We’re also proud to share the following:

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