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There’s a lot going on in the world. As Atma turns 7 years old, we have a lot to look back on and much work ahead. Please enjoy these highlights of work Atma is doing in Puerto Rico. Stay tuned next month as we continue to shine a spotlight on local communities in leading change.

Increasing food security

In Puerto Rico, approximately 80% of food is imported, and over 50% of children are food insecure.Disasters and resulting failed supply chains worsen this lack of food.

We’ve been working with local communities to change the picture. Our name for this farm-to-table movement, encouraging food security, self-sufficiency, good nutrition and community is De la Tierra a Tu Mesa, From the Earth to Your Table.

These events bring together chefs with local food producers and local organizations to generate excitement and interest in eating delicious, locally grown food.

As our Puerto Rico Program Manager Erika Marrero says, “This is truly a collaborative effort, bringing together community leaders, chefs, nonprofits and even a museum, to bring this initiative to life.”

See what De la Tierra a Tu Mesa events are coming up in April and May, and read more on our blog now.

Next: Updates from Ukraine and Indonesia.

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Atma Connect CEO

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