Empowering Community Action and Empowering Grassroots Leaders: AtmaGo Launches Community Room

Igniting Community Action and Empowering Grassroots Leaders: AtmaGo Launches Community Room

We are excited whenever we can empower community leaders and supercharge their impact. Here’s the story of a civil society organization called Sekolah Raya (SR). The nonprofit is dedicated to supporting community-based education systems in Indonesia but, not surprisingly, has had a difficult time during the pandemic working with volunteers.

Now the group is excited to discover a new way to seek out and energize volunteers. In May, SR joined Ruang Komunitas AtmaGo (RKA), an exciting new feature launched by AtmaGo to empower civil service organizations.

Agustian, SR’s founder (pictured), says: “We will use RKA to reconnect with our volunteers who have been in a vacuum since the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope and expect that RKA will be a place to find people who support our mission for a community-based education system. Indonesians have a saying, ‘Sour on mountains and salts in the ocean, but they will eventually meet in a cooking pot.’ We want RKA to be our cooking pot.”
More than 65 groups, in addition to SR, are working to turn RKA into their metaphorical cooking pots. And in Puerto Rico we are excited at the possibilities for groups to use the Community Room feature, which is known as Epacio Comunitario AtmaGo (ECA).

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More than 90 people gathered – yes, on Zoom – to celebrate the launch of Community Room. Leaders from Indonesia, Puerto Rico and mainland USA joined us. Find out about some of the great ideas shared.

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5 Questions with Atma Connect’s Board Chair Lisa Diaz Nash

In our ongoing celebration of Atma’s 5th anniversary and a look ahead at the next 5 years and beyond, we’re talking with community members about what Atma means to them.

Here’s insight from Lisa Diaz Nash, seasoned business and nonprofit executive and an Atma Connect board member since 2016:

“Everyone talks about changing the world and putting power in the hands of people to improve their lives. Atma unlocks the power that already is in people by helping them connect and create the lives and communities they want.” Agreed!
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Navigating the Pandemic

As the world navigates the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Atma has helped meet the needs of the most impacted communities in Indonesia, one of the epicenters of the latest surge. We are on the front lines doing what we can to empower people with trusted, vetted information and urgent help to meet the crisis. Here are some of the ways AtmaGo is supporting communities:

  • Launching and supporting a community-centered COVID-19 microsite: Covid19.atmago.com
  • Providing accurate information from trusted sources about vaccinations.
  • Offering free telecounseling from trained providers. Mental health has been a tremendous challenge and women have suffered the most.
  • Helping people connect to and find oxygen, health care and resources in their communities.
  • Fighting misinformation by training people to spot disinformation, as well as sharing real stories of community members who have survived COVID-19.
  • Providing thousands of hours of radio streaming on coping with COVID and other topics, including entrepreneurship, via our partnership with Salam Radio.

The Atma Connect field and technology teams are experiencing the pandemic firsthand; some have had family members and neighbors who have passed away, others have gotten COVID-19 themselves. Our thoughts are with all who are suffering. Together we will persevere.

Spanish speakers, learn about Puerto Rico’s past, present and future: 26 AugustVoces de la Comunidad

Voces de la Comunidad¡Estás invitado! Aprende del pasado, presente y futuro de las comunidades en Puerto Rico con AtmaGo y el Servicio de Parque Nacionales de San Juan. Este 26 de agosto, a las 5 pm AST, Voces de Puerta de Tierra.
Conéctate: atm.gg/voces

You’re invited! Learn about the past and present and discuss the future of communities in Puerto Rico with AtmaGo and the San Juan National Park Service. August 26 at 5 pm AST, Puerta de Tierra.
Connect: atm.gg/voces


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