AtmaGo Helps Earthquake Survivors in Lombok

AtmaGo and Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Lombok, an island in Indonesia, was just struck by dozens of earthquakes, up to 7.0 in magnitude. As of August 23rd, the quakes caused 555 casualties, 1300 injuries, and displaced 353,000 people. As soon as the first earthquake happened, Atma expanded service to Lombok. AtmaGo is reaching those in Lombok and empowering people on the front lines to help each other recover from these devastating earthquakes. What we can see from posts on AtmaGo is that people are creating makeshift shelters, organizing community events, and sharing information on where to find water and food. It has been incredible to see the impact AtmaGo is having on the ground. Our field director, Alfan Rodhi, visited our users in Lombok to offer help and hear their stories.

Siti Sanisah’s Story

Siti Sanisah, an AtmaGo user in Lombok, shared that the earthquakes destroyed a lot of property and homes and had psychological impacts on her community. Since AtmaGo was launched in Lombok, Siti has used AtmaGo to share the work she is doing to help disaster victims recover, including posting the latest developments in community conditions and her recovery activities. Siti said that AtmaGo has helped her better connect with the community in this difficult time. Additionally, using AtmaGo has provided her and the community with information on displaced people who still need assistance. Siti Sanisah is a perfect example of resilience at work in her community!

Earthquake survivors in Lombok use AtmaGo

In addition to Siti’s story, there are many user generated posts of people helping each other and their communities to get access to water, food, and shelter after the disaster. Here are just a few examples of how Lombok residents are using AtmaGo after the earthquakes:

Thank you! We could not have done this without supporters like you, who believe in using technology to connect disaster affected people with one another to build better lives! Show your support by making a tax deductible donation today.


-Atma Connect Team

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