5 Questions with Atma Connect’s Field Director – Alfan

In this interview blog series, we are highlighting our inspiring Atma Community including employees, supporters, and board members. 

Meet Alfan, Atma Connect’s Field Director! Working on the ground in Indonesia, Alfan brings Atma’s products and programs to local communities to give them the power and support to better their lives and the lives of those around them. Alfan has helped grow the AtmaGo platform to reach more people in Indonesia and he believes in the power and spirit of neighbors helping neighbors. 

Q: What are you most proud of that Atma has accomplished?

Alfan (A): I am proud of Atma Connect for consistently moving towards community empowerment through information technology by taking a direct approach to grassroots movements. I am proud of the programs we run including digital literacy training, citizen journalism and direct mentoring programs. Atma Connect has also contributed to how communities in Indonesia have handled the COVID-19 pandemic by developing a platform specifically dedicated to health campaigns, free counseling, and reducing negative stigma during times of crisis. That means a lot for our society. 

Q: Why do you believe in Atma’s vision? 

A: I believe in the people behind Atma Connect, the people who are driving the vision. They are people who are highly dedicated to social development and who are experts in the field of digital platform development. Everyone in the Atma Community is experienced and talented.

Q: What inspires you about Atma’s approach?

A: In the digital era, the opportunity to contribute positively to society is wide open. I am inspired by people who are able to motivate others to do good. Digital platforms like AtmaGo are able to reach a large audience and achieve positive impact effectively.

While Atma Connect runs a digital-based platform AtmaGo, we also carry out direct offline mentoring activities by providing digital literacy and citizen journalism trainings. For grassroots communities this kind of training is very impactful. I am inspired by how Atma Connect is increasing the level of digital literacy for local communities. 

Q: What are your personal goals with Atma Connect? What would you like to accomplish in the next year?

A: I want to open more Citizen Journalism and Digital Literacy classes in areas where that information is needed the most. Comprehensive classes with a simple curriculum and support from experts in their fields amplifies the voices of ordinary citizens. I want to help grow AtmaGo’s community and impact. 

Q: What has been your favorite moment or story to come from working with Atma Connect?

A: My favorite memory is when we had both the US and Indonesian teams meet in person. It’s very valuable and special when the US team visits Indonesia!

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